Memory consumption

the memory consumption of the app is pretty high and slowly but steadily growing
after a while the process takes more than 1GB of RAM

The memory consumption is only high when your OS has enough available. It goes down to about 150 MB if other apps require RAM. But seems that there is some memore leak issue since the trade statistics release. I am on vacations and did not had time yet to look into it. But I will open up a bounty on Github.

I added 2 BTC for the bounty. Anyone is welcome to top it up…

this is a memory consumption snapshot of Bitsquare under Win10
I followed the process some time and noticed also values around 350K. Currently it is at 750K

what can cause these big jumps?

Java is greedy and take what it gets, but if other apps need ram it goes down to 150 mb. I had 30 Bitsuqare apps running for testing and then each app had abotu 150 MB and all was wroking, just slow at app switches…
But I think the preferred ram consumption can be configured, did not had a look into it and not sure if it is a good idea to do that. But of course there is room for code optimisations to bring down memory and cpu consumption just need time (and more devs) to work on that…

I’m running 0.6.7 and it still exhibits same memory usage behaviour as mentioned above (peaks at 1GB+). Is this being addresed as an optimization in the roadmap?