Message stored in mailbox

What does “Payment started message status: Message stored in mailbox” exactly mean? Does it mean that the seller didn’t get or didn’t read the message yet?

I’m currently waiting for my payment to be confirmed by the seller and the trade is in the state “Wait unil payment arrived”.

I think it means that the seller’s Bisq client knows that you clicked “payment started” button.
I doubt it informs you when the seller actually clicks on the trade to see it’s status.

I am not sure how this process exactly works, but it would make sense to me the most if this is how it was handled.

stored in mailbox means that the peer is offline so the direct message could not delivered. The msg is then stored as encrypted data in the p2p network (each node) and when the peer goes online he requests that data and removes it from the p2p network. it is similar like mail box. once the peer has received the msg you should see a different status. but that does not work 100% reliable for too complicate reasons to explain here ;-).


Many thanks for your answers.

As it seems the seller of this trade has not been online since the offer has been taken and the trade will probably go to arbitration.

As said the status of the message is not 100% reliable. So it can be that he received it but that you did not get the information about that. Its a low level technical detail of the p2p network why…