Messaging stuck Q77TU

Trade Q77TU

I see request from arbitrator to respond if I got it. I got it, but my reply is stuck on “Sending Message …”

I am on 1.1.7. Should attempt upgrade to 1.2 while dispute is going on?

First, do not upgrade while you have an ongoing dispute. We are looking into this issue. Arbitrators are aware that the messages are not going through.

Any details on this would be good. If you could share log files that will help. What steps did you take to get to where you are?

Thanks for confirming the arbitrators are aware. I’ll help if I can. I opened a support github issue for it too, #322. Yes, I have avoided upgrading due to the open dispute.

Dispute is over a stuck trade. Offer created before 1.2 came out, offer taken just as 1.2 was announced. The ‘Maker fee transaction ID’ and ‘Deposit transaction ID’ never made it to the blockchain. The ‘Taker fee transaction ID’ is valid. Bisq still has my funds locked in a multisig contract.

The arbitrator asked me to reply but it doesn’t work. I have been able to contact my trading counterparty, so that part is ok.

Hi I am the counterparty of this trade. The mediator is lxtakb2itavzv5w7.onion:9999 / re6iu6hfv5aoiuep.onion:9999, in which I think lxtakb2itavzv5w7.onion:9999 has difficulty answering the messages Mediation disputes.

hi, could you send me a screenshot of the trade information through a private message? I can’t seem to see that trade. Can you go on the dispute and click cmd + o (or ctrl + o if you are not using a Mac) there has been some issues with messages but please double check that I am in fact your mediator

PM with screenshot sent. Thanks.