Migrate/Tranfer Outdated (Deprecated) software


I have a particular problem. I created a wallet several years ago (yes, when it was still called Bitsquare). I used it to buy and store a not-insignificant amount of bitcoin, and then left it alone, with the idea that I might let it grow in value a bit before starting to trade again.

However, I now find that the software is changed considerably and am wondering:

  1. Can I just download the new version of the software (Bisq) and simply copy the wallet files to the new version of the software?
  2. How can I upgrade or transfer the wallet so that my BTC is accessible and tradeable again?

Please help.

If I recall correctly there was at least one hardfork since the DAO deployment, so the most failsafe course of action is to move your BTC funds (if there are any) and start a new fresh Bisq installation.


I assume you only have the wallet.dat file right? No seed words?

You may find some luck importing that old wallet into electrum: https://electrum.org/#download

They handle legacy wallets quite well. Don’t forget to make backups!

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I think I read somewhere that transferring may not work well when transferring from the old bitsquare wallet (something about a deprecated library maybe?). Did I misunderstand that. Should I still be able to transfer my BTC safely to a new wallet?

I should have the seed words somewhere. Would I be able to “transfer” the wallet to a new software using the seed words?

Either using the seed at Electrum or an old Bitsquare version, you shouldl be able to spend the BTC funds (AKA transfer funds), which is what really matters, other than maybe the data for accounting reasons.

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Great. Thank you!