Miner fees have risen, 0.2 mBTC could not be enough

I’ve created a sell btc order yesterday and it was accepted, but the btc transaction doesn’t have a confirmation, so we have to wait until then.
I suppose you already know there is a lot of demand of transactions on the blockchain. A fixed fee might not be the best idea.
If it takes one more day to confirm, I’ll post the txid here to have specific support, but I wanted to open this post because I think we should consider another way to calculate the miner fee.

I see that the transaction wasn’t sent yesterday, but at the moment the order was accepted. So, at the moment it’s not a big delay and 0.2mBTC is what bitcoinfees.21.co recommends now.

Yes atm there are some issues due the massive spam attacks on the blockchain. Usual backlog is 4000 tx now its 40-8k txs… I hope the situation will be normal again soon.
A variable mining fee would be good but its a bit complex as both traders need to use the same to get the same transactions…

still, a slight increase in the defaults should be thought of… I have complained of this problem in the past in withdrawal transactions that have taken over a day to process…

Maybe both users can set their default, but … if they are different, at the time that it is requested to both to accept the agreement for the trade, Bitsquare will ask to the user that has set the lower fee (only to him) if he wants to accept to make it higher to comply with the other trader fee setting.
The default setting will not change, but the fee will be different only for the current trade.

It can be good to show near the fee value the corresponded fiat value.
(Example: Fee: 0.0005 BTC - 0.35 EUR)

Maybe even an warning if the corresponding fee is higher than X bitcoin or Y fiat currency.

The fee for the non trade tx can be adjusted in the settings. default is 0.0002 BTC / kb. Will consider to increase the default.
The fee used in the trade txs cannot easily be changed unfortunately as it need to be the same value for both traders. It is on the todo list to solve that but its a bigger task… I should use then dynamic fees as well, but that comes also with some issues (provider)…
Seems the spam attack is over again.