'Minimum amount of bitcoin' explanation

This is probably obvious but I just want to make sure I understand it right - the ‘minimum amount of bitcoin’ field when creating an offer is for partial matches?

So I have 0.5btc I want to sell at x price, but I don’t mind if somebody just buys half of that for the same price?

If so, then what happens to the rest - does it get returned to my wallet and I have to create a new offer, or does the offer remain open with the remaining coins I have to sell?

The rest get to your wallet (if its a seell offer) once a trader takes your offer.

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Manfred, you might want to consider keeping the order open with the remaining banlance. It’s done like that on bitcoin.de for example.

It makes sense in my opinion.

Yes that feature is on the todo list. it is not that trivial as it sounds though (need new security desposit, fee…)