Minimum bandwidth to run Bisq


My connectivity at home is not so great. 4Mbps down / 500kbps up.

Starting up Bisq is really really slow until everything is connected / synchronized. Sometimes it just never seems to connect. Really unstable / unusable.

Is it due to my limited bandwidth? Anything that can be tuned?


I am not sure, it could be. Tor can use up quite a bit of bandwidth.
Was Bisq always unstable for you on that Internet connection?

Hi @Darr ,
What kind of connection do you have ?
coming in and to the computer ?
With eg wifi-wifi, things can be slow.
Bisq is quite greedy at startup.

When I used Bisq a year+ ago over the same connection it seemed robust.

Also Dao synching seems to be a permanent activity.

I am using Wifi over ADSL. Tor browsing is slow but working.

Are the minimum BW requirements known?

Not really. I can’t imagine they are much, but it could depend on your luck I guess.

Maybe you can try disabling the DAO feature by running Bisq with --daoActivated=false argument.

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