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Hi. So - I’m very excited having read all about bisq, and am all set up ready to dip my toe in with a SMALL purchase, so I can see how/if it works, etc. However, the minimum is .1 btc, which is almost $2K dollars ATM.

Really? Is there no way to make a $100 purchase to test the waters here? I’m not even sure if my Chase bank app’s ‘Zelle’ feature is even going to work. Not sure if bisq is even going to work.

Is there any way around this? Why is this? At the very least, I would think they’d let us first-timers have a trial run at it, or even set it up to buy some of those fake btc for testnets, something, anything.

Suggestions? Thoughts?


Unfortunately Bisq is for people who already have BTC. I’m currently in the same boat as you trying to find a place to purchase, but not all is lost! If I get my hands on some, then I’ll make sure to help people out with starter packages.

I suggest trying to find someone local through a site for example,, find a BTC ATM near you with or try to use the “gatekeeper of BTC” Coinbase. Some people here may offer a starter package, but it kinda has a bad rep since a few people snaked out on the developer’s kindness when he was running it.

Good luck!

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You say that the minimun quantity is .1 because that’s the lesser order in orderbook?
You can create an order for your desired amount if you think that .1 btc is too much for a first trade (I agree with it).

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BusinessFish - thanks, I also read somewhere else that I need to ‘prime’ my wallet with a tiny amount to handle transaction fee, etc. for this to work. I’m familiar with localbitcoins, guess I’ll have to do that next. Just odd that bisq makes no mention of this anywhere, it was made out to be ‘as simple as downloading an app’, and like 10 min later, you have btc. Perhaps bisq could be more specific about how to get things started for a new bisq user like us. :smiley:

MnM - I say minimum is 0.1 BTC because on any order I try to buy, I cannot change it w/o an error telling me that 0.1 is the minimum. I can ‘Create Your Own Offer’, but even that requires me to have some amount for the security deposit. So, quite the conundrum. Guess I’ll be having to buy bitcoin elsewhere, just to get the app working. sigh

While I will do the necessary here, it’s only because I really love bisq’s decentralized concept, I’m afraid most people will likely just skip it altogether rather than figure this out. Bisq may want to, I dunno, charge $20 for the app, but make it clear that it’s only due to it shipping with $19 of BTC in the wallet, primed, ready for takeoff. Or something. This is just silly imho.

Thanks to you both!

Also, how much of a security deposit will I need? I need to know this, to know how much BTC I need to ‘prime’ my bisq app with. I’m sure it depends on the amount of the transaction itself, I’ll probably only be doing transactions in the $1K to $5K range for starters…and then I’ll obviously have enuf to proceed…

This is quite a commitment for a new bisq user, trying to test the system! :thinking:00

I’m considering a localbitcoins purchase of around $300, but concerned that even that won’t be enuf to buy $1K of BTC.

Security deposits are customizable by users. I believe that the current default security deposit is 0.01BTC in the newest Bisq version.