Minor suggestion

In the columns “Amount in BTC (min)” and “Amount in XXX (min)”, I think it would read easier to express it as a range i.e. “Amount in BTC (min - max)”. For example, a row might say something like, “0.5 - 1.5”

Good point! Will check if there is enough space…

Actually, I don’t think you need to say “(min - max)” because I think the hyphon between the two numbers will make it clear enough… so you’d just put “Amount in BTC” as the header… well, see what you think

Hi there, I had a related question: When creating a Buy offer, I see the option to set min-max range for BTC, but is there a way to do that min-max range exclusively for the amount of Fiat I would like to Buy? Just in case the price overnight were to spike up and I don’t have sufficient funds
Thank you

At this time this is not possible, but it might be in the future. Now what you can do is disable them, edit or remove them.

Sounds good, thanks for replying