Missing funds after Bisq update

I have not been logged on Bisq for about 4 weeks, 2 days ago 5th of may I open Bisq, there is a new update that I need to download because eveything on the screen was grey, locked and not clickable. I then had some funds, BTC, I can see them on my screen.

So I do the update and now the funds I saw in “locked mode”, they are now gone! Under “transactions” I see there was a withdrawal of all my funds, 2 days prior to my log in this time and doing the update.

So how is this possible? I deleted the SPV files, and I seem to have trouble either syncing or connecting to Bisq.

So I clicked to connect with provided bridges, but still everything is the same

So what fuckery is this? What is this withdrawal with all my funds? Because I didn’t make it, or log on to Bisq that day when it was made

@ClubT, Is you Bisq functionning now? If so can you try to do ctrl+e or cmd+e. Are there any funds that appear in that window.

Did you make backups prior to updating your Bisq app? Did you get the new bisq version from the Bisq github?

Yes my Bisq is working now, and ctrl + e says 0 funds.

When I started bisq, I got the message “New update available yadi yadi” and I could not ignore this version (I tried) as Bisq didn’t work, text grey and not clickable. So I pressed the “download and verify signature”. So the update came from where I always update my Bisq - when I start the program.

And the withdrawal transaction was made 2 days prior to the update - I hadn’t been logged on for weeks.

I believe I have a backup, but Im no tech expert so I dont know how to open it.

Is it possible to get hacked on Bisq? This is bullshit

Hey @ClubT - All Bisq wallet info is kept locally so as long as no one had a hold of your seed there’s no way i can think of for you to get hacked. You are correct version 1.3.4 was a mandatory update. Previous to this update how did you install Bisq? from the github? did you verify the signature?

If there’s a transaction out then no restoring any backup will fix it. If your funds were ‘locked’ you had an ongoing trade, and I would expect them to be gone by now as the arbitration process should have begun.

Did you have a trade in process around 4 weeks ago? Or do you mean locked as in your funds were showing under available balance but you just couldn’t use them due to update needed?

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Hello, now I can tell you how I “fixed” my problem with missing my funds after the bisq update, in case this happens to somebody else!

And I would like an explanation too, why this happened,

So I had a withdrawal of all my funds, not a trade ongoing. I then copied my bisq seed into a Coinomi wallet, and then opened these adresses: SegWit (bech32), SegWit (P2SH) and then the SegWit (bech32).

And voíla! I then found all my funds in those three adresses, in the Coinimi app, but still not visible on bisq. So I had to send them to my reciveing adress - wallet to wallet transaction, to trade.

Yep. Any thoughts on this?

Difficult to tell why it happened. Was your Bisq wallet old, as in, was it used used for a lot of transactions? bitcoinj wallets (the bitcoin wallet library used by bisq) can get quite large and get corrupted.

Did you try and SPV resync and was your connection solid? I assume you’ve since updated to the latest version?

I tried it all, resync SPV again and again. Connection solid. Updated through bisq notification/alert when starting the program, same process as I have done every time a new version is released. Is it not about once a month that happens?
I could not ignore it for later, I could open bisq but not click anywhere since the text was grey. My funds are then there, I see the balance. I then update the program. After that, funds gone. Withdrawn according to my history a 2 days earlier. I had not used bisq for over a month.

I have made somewhat under 100 trades about under the course of 12 months. That would not be a wallet considered to be used “alot”, would it not?

Well, I found my funds through entering my seed in another wallet.

Why all this?

Hello @ClubT a wallet that’s over 1 year old with approx 100 trades could become corrupted yes. I am no expert but that is likely what happened.

Again the Seed words are the most important part and you were able to enter them and recover your funds via another wallet that is great!

Remember Bisq has many layers that need to work together to function and unfortunately sometimes bugs happen. If you happen to have your bisq.log file feel free to post an issue here: https://github.com/bisq-network/bisq/issues detailing what happened and include you logs and any error messages you encountered.