Missing money

I am very new to bitcoin and bisq and today bought my first bitcoins. I went to an ATM today two different times and spent 20 the first and 60 the second time. Both showed up in the correct amounts on my bisq account. I then bought 95 dollars worth of BTN using zelle and my order was confirmed and completed. Now the problem is I should have 175 usd worth of BTC, however I only have 0.0176 which is roughly 130 usd. My question is where my missing 45 dollars has gone. I thought it was maybe the security deposit but its my understanding that it should be returned right after my zelle/ BTC trade was completed and that was 7 hours ago. My second thought is maybe I had a failed trade and that 45 dollars is being held somewhere until I create a support ticket??? Idk I am very inexperienced with this stuff please help.

When your trade was completed, security deposit funds were moved from deposit address to your address together with trade funds.
My guess is that you might have paid a high price over spot for your BTC at ATMs, and also at Bisq. It’s hard to get cheap prices lately, there’s a lot of buying pressure. In rough numbers:

ATM: 80 USD x 15% = 68 USD
Bisq: 95 USD x 10% = 85.5 USD
Total: 153.5

This is to give you an idea, in your numbers, you lost a 25% total. We have to consider possible variations of BTC price at the moment of doing these transactions.

You can provide trade details to support agents through https://keybase.io/team/bisq at #support channel if you think something wrong happened.