Missing Multisig Payout after Dispute Ticket Closed

Trade: 680760

Maker feeTX: f77dbf8c9bc870c621488f72066dc7b9177af44ff901eec414222ef8f549620a

Taker feeTX:

Deposit TX:

Dispute Support Ticket was closed but i did not recieve Mutisig Payout.

What should i do next?

Do you know who is your arbitrator?
Perhaps he will need to make a manual payout, but don’t worry, your funds are safe.

Currently only @cbeams and @keo are arbitrators, so they should be able to help you here.

Not worried. Thank You. Funds are safe i know.

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If the other peer is the receiver of the trade amount he will be the signer and publisher so if he has not been online in the meantime it is normal that the payout is not done. If it still is not there in 1-2 days let the arbitrator know so he can repeat the payout or make a manual payout of needed. Post the arbitrator onion address so they know who was the arbitrator…

This was my arbitration case. I’ve just re-opened it (680760). @relcead, please respond to me in the support ticket chat and we’ll work this out. Thanks.

hello @cbeams
thank you for your help.
in my bisq client i can read your new message that you opened the ticket again and that i should respond in support chat.
unfortunately to me the ticket looks still closed. i cannot reply.

thank you for your help

Try again now. I’ve just re-closed and re-opened it such that you should be able to interact with the ticket again.

And assuming you are able to send me a message there, please keep your Bisq client online even if I do not respond right away. I’ll then try to close the ticket out once again, such that I co-sign with you to do the payout transaction.

i checked the ticket and it reclosed. so i just rebooted and it still shows closed. cannot reply there atm. will have my client online all day. version is 0.6.7
thank you for your time.

@cbeams can you try to reopen the ticket?

Please try again now. You should see the following:

@cbeams i do not see the field for text input like the first contact we had through bisq interface. sorry noob here.

*edit chat interface works now for me after reboot and changing screen resolution win10.

@relcead, you’ll find the payout transaction has taken place now. It hasn’t yet confirmed as I write this, but should do so in the next block. Thanks.

@cbeams thank you verry much! great service!