Missing my money. New. Made some mistakes. Nightmare but i think its all figured out now.. Mod says I need to cooperate to fix things. Yet he closes dm and cant contact orginal trader. Im within the timeframe

Sorry for a little language just spent freaking 3 hours trying to fix my client so i could actually see record of my transactions…

So you have an idiot that should have taken a good 45 min or so maybe reading about bisq first and how my zelle payment will work and all.

i post a listing. get an interested person. i put my wares for trade in the bisq system. and im assuming this person had their own hell of an annoying time. probably they were like, “Why cant this idiot send me the same email he has on his bisq for the zelle?” (didn’t know that was a rule, i should have) didn’t want to put any other options either.

also there is no longer a number/notifcation next to the transaction. there used to be when it was active. it says closed now… :3 used to say cancelled. im a little worried…
although the mod msg’d me today. On the 14th which it just was a few hours ago, for me anyway.

along with the fact that when the moderators were brought in, probably after word from my trade partner. for 2-3 days i probably seemed like some annoying idiot that was seemingly impossible to communicate with but the goddamn client was giving me trouble lol. im busy i cant wait an hour between sending messages. And the second time i had a chance to respond it would have been nice if i remembered what happened the first time. So i could of said something more than just, “yes” when i first replied

I get reply from mod. I cant reply back. They imply to contact the person this trade was done with it almost seems? What? Surely not by email? I cant msg them on the client anymore. But surely they dont let you do that on bisq and im quite certain if i emailed the email they had on file that would be breaking the rules too? I cant even reply to the damn mod. Is this what they mean for me to do.

From moderator before closing comms…like wtf
"Ticket closed on Jul 15, 2020 2:16:42 AM

Payout amount for BTC buyer: xxxxxx BTC
Payout amount for BTC seller: xxxxxxx BTC"

(I understand your payment has to get broken down for different reasons. Need to research that more)

but the amounts he gave didn’t even make sense? with the amount i was trading…???)

Summary notes:
btc seller provided the wrong address

(I was selling btc for zelle.)

Next steps:
Open trade and accept or reject suggestion from mediator.


I CAN’T reply?

i cant contact the original person
i cant contact the mediator

I apologize for the swearing spent 3 hours trying to fix my client so I could get my wallet to sync up with bisq finally again

so got things figured out i need to get in touch with this person but after a lengthy amount of time of bisq. It appears, not suprisingly, i cant contact the person i traded with cause the trade is now “closed.”

i cant dm the mod

i coudn’t find anywhere on there to request for some sort of support ticket so here i am.

i got it all figured out. i got zelle figured out. I know that bisq is either in possession of the funds or more likely the person…which i hope isn’t true cause what if they dont pay me…


Had i forgot or failed to fix my bisq after what seemed like years i would have just lost a lot of money i fear

sorry for the woe is me complaining stuff i understand im not the victim here just frustrated sorry… most of this was definitely my fault.

I dont understand why that freaking mod would make a suggestion like that and then end comms. I’ve literally been all over the stupid site trying to figure how to contact someone.

I have the persons email in the dispute/closed transaction. Would it be breaking rules to to email although who knows if they even check that email…

Hey @DaveyJones, sorry about the troubles. Do you happen to have the moderators onion address? If so your best bet is to reachout to them on keybase by matching the onion address to their keybase username:


You wish you can also DM me the TradeID and deposit Txid so that I can look into it further.

Have you received your zelle payment btw?

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no haven’t had chance to receive zelle payment or even give a mod or the person the correct info to send it. my client was being strange. so when the mod trying to settle dispute contacted me i sent him one message not really providing much detail, planning on sending more msg’s and it got stuck on “sending”

couldn’t cancel it couldn’t send another message. stayed like this for waaay to long and i couldn’t just sit and wait

next day, it finally sent, thought it was just some strange bug and again sent a msg that didn’t give the mod the big picture and same thing.

then it got closed.

but thank you for the advice i do have the mediator’s onion address if not ill check out the link thanks lmk. I will check out the other things you were talking about it thanks for trying to help.

appreciate you reaching out.

def should of done a little more research before trying to a trade that was completely my fault.

given that this situation did not violate any of the timeframes described in the rules. They wouldn’t have sent my trade to other party right?

like its a true escrow in function right?

Now the funds are into a 2of2 multisig address, so if you don’t agree with the moderator suggestion, you just don’t accept it,and the funds will stay locked.
After 20 days since it was confirmed, you or your peer will have the possibility to send all the funds from the deposit transaction to the DAO address and request the refund agent to arbitrate (make a BTC payout following his own criteria and possibly requiring evidence again from both parts).

I think that as it’s your fault not providing correct account details (that’s what I understood) you should lose some of your security deposit, as the buyer has been aggravated from your negligence, so it probably makes sense to accept the mediator’s suggestion (assuming some losses) and start again with a new payment account providing the correct data.


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