Missing Revolut username. Tel. number has no Rev. account

so I have to send payment to a User’s revolut account. But, he doesn’t include a valid username, and the tel. number given does not match with an active Rev. account on the app (there is no ‘R’ next to the tel. number contact).

I’m not going to send funds to a random tel. number (yes Revolut lets you do this in theory)… if I can’t see he has an active Rev profile etc.

No reply to my DM to him on Bisq. Also the offer he placed was ‘cheap’ so makes me suspicious.
I guess any scam would be - I send funds via Revolut to a tel. number - and Revolut hold these funds until the person sets up account and claims them. But this sounds weird.

anyone got any suggestions?

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I would open a mediation, it seems to me like he is missing a lot of information which means he is breaking the trade rules. If he is infact being nefarious you should get his security deposit but that’ll be up to the mediator


thank you!

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