MOD help, bitcoin not confirmed after 6 days

Bitcoin still has not confirmed and it has been 6 days at least. Can i get someone to help me out with this?

If you go to keybase #support channel, you’ll be able to DM us the details of the transaction.
Maybe you can solve this by yoursellf. I don’t know if your transaction is for a trade or you are withdrawing BTC from Bisq, but there’s basically three possibilities.

  1. The fee was too low: You can see when you transaction is going to get confirmed at with the txid of your trade.
  2. The deposit transaction or a normal transaction was not broadcasted or the mempool forgot about it since it did not have ennough fees: resyncing your spv file should help for this.
  3. The deposit tx failed: You won’t see any txid when you click on the little “i” for more info.

In the third case, you should maybe try to unfail the trade and claim for a trading fee reimbursement.

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