Monero price index discrepancy

Is it a bug? Bisq is returning a price index for Monero at about 1% below the market. This has influenced market offerings. It is often necessary to restart Bisq to connect to another price index and get the correct market value. Is there a way to block certain price index addresses that are providing below market values?

I don’t think it’s a bug, probably one of the exchanges that Bisq uses for the index had a sudden price drop.
When only one of the price node seeds is too different to the others, if maker and taker use a different price node, it won’t be possible to take the offer for price discrepance.

I understand. However, I noticed that this has been happening for a few days and only with a single price node of the 3 in which the bisq connects. So if two clients are connected on the same price node, can the offer be fulfilled? Is there a way to block only the outlier node (http://wizpriceje6q5tdrxkyiazsgu7irquiqjy2dptezqhrtu712qelqktid.onion/)?

The manual way would be to restart the connection if it connects to that node, but there’s got to be a way to ban a price node.

Do you still see that discrepancy? I’ll inform the maintainers then.

Yes, the discrepancy still remains. The problem node was giving the value 0.00869893. After closing and opening the bisq again, connecting to a node in consensus with the current market price, it returns 0.00882443. The problem is that this price variation in the nodes directly interferes with the final price. Often, the switch to the problematic node puts the value below the market, depreciating the trade.

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I took a look at the Bisq log and found since December 26th, 45 entries like this: "[JavaFX Application Thread] WARN b.c.offer.Offer: Taker’s trade price is too far away from our calculated price based on the market price. "

I understand that the purchase order was requested, but it was not possible to complete it due to price variation between the buyer and seller servers.

Therefore, I read some bisq documentation and found a link that allows you to see the current values ​​of the coins: http://YOUR_ONION_ADDRESS.onion/getAllMarketPrices

In the log file, I noticed that there are 4 price servers that bisq randomly connects to.

With the four addresses available (devin*.onion; emzyp*.onion; ro7nv*.onion; wizpr*.onion), I requested their respective values ​​via Tor Browser at the same time. With the values, I built a table to understand what was happening.

Data analysis allowed us to verify that there is price variation between servers. If we consider only the first 3 servers (devin*.onion; emzyp*.onion; ro7nv*.onion), the maximum variation found was 0.05% in the RUB currency, which, if disregarded, the maximum variation in other 2 currencies did not exceed 0.01%. However, when considering the 4 price servers, the variation reaches 32.81%, with an average of 4% in about 20 currencies.

I would like to know if there is any possibility to fix the wizpr*.onion server or if it is possible, at least, to block it in my client. Attached is an image with the data used.

I asked that pricenode to be fixed. I don’t know if it’s possible to ban a seednode.

Ok. Thanks