Monero transaction issue

Hello there,
I got a problem buying Monero. The Monero amount has not arrived in my wallet and it was supposed to be done more than three hours ago so I cant confirm the payment. I checked the address is fine and according to the web it should only take 5 minutes.
Also, the autoconfirmation status field of my pair shows something like ‘your pair gave invalid data. Transaction ID invalid’.
I wrote my pair but I got no answer.
Does it take longer? Could you please give me some hint or check on it? Transaction ends up tomorrow afternoon.
Thank you very much in advance for your help

Edit: my pair answered but it is not fixed. And I cant open a dispute now in the portfolio operation window, that button is only for the chat so I dont know where to open it.

Hello again, I think I need your help, I need to open a dispute ASAP but in my bisq portfolio window the is no such ‘Get Support’ button. I gave the buyer information about my wallet type and version so I do not feel comfortable anymore.

Thank you very much in advance

If you think that you should have received the XMR and you have not, maybe your XMR wallet is out of sync, or your peer did not really send the XMR.
Try to see if there’s an issue with your wallet and ask buyer for payment proof. Trading Monero - Bisq Wiki
The button to get support will appear at the end of the trading time, which is 24h for normal altcoin trading.

With this info, buyer should not get access to your private keys. Anyways, it’s your peer who has to demonstrate that he has sent the XMR to you.

Thank you very much for your help, I am going to check possible issues with my wallet in that link

My pair was asking for further details like my wallet’s node height so I felt better with mediation. Fortunately my pair was kind and opened the mediation after I suggested so.

I read in the documentation that a mediation can be opened before the end of the trading time so actually I dont know how to do it when the button does not say ‘Get Support’ but ‘Start Conversation’ or similar

Thank you for your help and support with newbies like me

That question is also legit, if your wallet is not synchronized is normal that your tx is not displayed.

If your peer has opened mediation, you can talk with your mediator at the Support tab.