Money Order Address


I wanted to open an account that allows me to buy BTC with Post Office money order. What is the address it is asking for? The Address of the Local Post Office, or my PO Box? I do not have a PO Box. Please let me know. Thanks.

Perhaps @marc knows more about this.

It’s supposed to be your home address. Could be a PO box, too if you’re worried about privacy.

In USPS money orders the fiat sender will put the address of the recipient into the address field on the left.

You need to follow the instructions in Bisq closely in order to not break the contract and be safe in case of a dispute. I haven’t heard about disputes regarding USPS money orders, so I assume it works well this way.

Great. Thanks. I have another question also: Since it takes time for the Money Order to be received, is the BTC price locked in at the time of sale, or when the Money Order is received?

It’s locked in at the time of the sale (offer taken). Sorry, for the late reply.