Move A/C From Windows To Linux

I’m trying to import my exported Windows BISQ account into Linux. After clicking on the import button & navigating to the export, I see a bunch of files & folders, how & what do I import into the new account? Do I have to empty my wallet before moving the account? :confused:

Windows 8.1
Kubuntu 18.04.1 LTS

You may find this doc useful:

I would be careful when importing files from one OS to a different one.
File formats may slightly differ, and this may unfortunately cause troubles.

Emptying the wallet may indeed be a safe idea.
However, restoring from the seed words may also be an option.
(Don’t forget to write down your seed words before leaving your windows Bisq account !)

I read the above link before but wasn’t sure if it applied to my situation, I was hoping to find a “one click” solution. I’ll try seed words.

How do I balance both instances of BISQ, If the Linux attempt fails will it affect the Windows account? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

For what I remember in other previous cases, just absolutely avoid balancing.
Do not use both applications simultaneously, this will only result in a mess.

The Bisq network is designed to handle one exemplar of an instance connected with the rest of the network.
If you run 2 exemplars of a same instance simultaneously, this is confusing for the rest of the P2P network and may/will cause issues.

I don’t intend to run both at the same time, I boot out of Windows & boot into Linux on the same computer, if I cant get the Linux account working can I boot back into Windows without affecting anything or is it all or nothing? :neutral_face:

The problem I see if you jump from one instance to another is that the data directory may/will become inconsistent.
When you run your instance on your Linux, you’ll write data in your Linux data directory, but not in the windows data directory.
And vice versa.
So both directories will diverge.
Disclaimer : I’m not a dev, and don’t know in details how this is done.

If I were you, I’ll try the transfer in a one step one-way process.
Only go back if something doesn’t work.
And only start again making offers and trading when the transfer is definitely ended and well ended.

(avoid acrobatics, generally it ends up with issues.)

Moving your accounts to a different OS should be the same process as restoring from backup. It really only comes down to copying the whole data directory from Windows to Linux in appropriate path.

I’ll give it a try, how does the Import button work? :sweat:

I am not sure about any importing from the client. It really is easiest to just copy the directory at C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Bisq and put it at /home/<username>/.local/share/Bisq on your Ubuntu.

Recently i run a full bitcoin core over tor, all seems to work fine. I plant to export all my bisq history to that pc that runs Ubuntu. It’s some problem to have bisq runing in a dedicated computer for bitcoin core? Can i redirect bisq to my onion adress directly?.
Can i run in the same computer a seednode or a pricenode to help Bisq too, or must be in a different Pc? No problem with 24h working and 1 TB of data.

afaik, it’s ok.
In order to use proper parameters, run Bisq --help in the CLI.

The doc about running seednode and pricenode is at:
Have a good look at the duties and technical requirements (and the bond section).

afaik, you can run a seednode on the same PC.
Probably also a pricenode, but I’m less sure.

Be however aware that those roles are bonded roles (see the docs for what it means).

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Bisq will automatically connect to Bitcoin Core running on the same PC and only use that for it’s Bitcoin network access.

You can also set an onion address in Settings for a remote Bitcoin node to be used by Bisq for Bitcoin network operations.

@Homard Bisq --help doesn’t work for me. It just starts the app.

@huey ,
Which OS do you use ?
On my Debian Bisq --help is ok.
(It may be not 100% up-to-date , but it displays all options)

Hello! I am trying to accomplish the same. Where you able to find the best way to do so?

Basically, you need to copy-paste the Bisq folder. Make sure to have a backup of the original folder in a different device in case you mess it up.

Hello MnM,
I am changing computers. I have my Back Up folder.
old computer - I am having the issue starting bisq taking too long to open the app completely, when it opens it tells me that is connecting to the network, I can’t see or create any offers.

New Computer- In my new computer I installed bisq and following this Backup and Recovery . I only replace the following folders and files
Log files
I deleted the SPV chain as well.

Is ts fine to only replace these files??
Or is it better to replace the whole bisq folder?
I only want to bring important information and not bring non useful files to the new bisq.
I still have copies of all files and folders.
Please give me some advice.

Thank You

Unless you know very well what files you want to bring to your new computer, it’s better to replace the whole Bisq folder.
I only have changed single files a couple times for very specific reasons, like importing fiat accounts age.