Move data directory to another drive

How can I move the existing data directory on Linux to a different drive? I have read the topics about starting a new directory, but that’s not what I want. I want to take the existing Bisq data directory and move it, intact, to a different drive.

1st back up application data - Backing up application data - Bisq Wiki
2nd restore application data - Restoring application data - Bisq Wiki

Make sure you do not try and run the same instance of Bisq on two machines. Once you have transferred it delete the instance you no longer need.

Ok. How do I get Bisq to use the new directory? How do I change the default data directory?

I found the answer here:
:wink:Link to Command Line Options

Just kidding. This doesn’t work.

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That doesn’t work. Now Bisq fails on tor startup. Giving up. Better things to do.

Hi sorry to hear that.

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