Move trade to failed trades

How can I move a failed trade to failed trades?

I get this message, but no button to move the trade:

There should be an option to move to failed trade on the right side of the trade in the Open trade menu

Otherwise restart your Bisq and the option should come up

Oddly no such button. Restarting hasn’t helped either. Even tried to override with ctrl + y, but nothing happened after pressing it.

Pretty sure the app just hates me.

I have this problem too. Three failed trades are stuck in my open trades. I get the same message.

Can you guys confirm that you’ve upgraded to 1.5?

Yep. 1.5.0 on Linux and there’s no button to move to failed trades.
Perhaps it’s because I started the dispute using the key combination as there wasn’t a button for that either.

Are your funds still locked? Have you reached out to your mediator?

There is a bug and it’s being discussed here.
Reaching support channel at Keybase to send log files and more info helps to solve it. Thanks.

My security deposit is still locked but I am waiting for some refund on GitHub.

EDIT: My deposit transaction actually never broadcast. So though it might say that those funds are locked in the GUI it seems that they are in my full control and I can just withdraw them. Thus I imagine the GitHub refund concerns the other, far smaller, amounts.