Moved funds from one btc address to another on bisq

Hi so i installed bisq on my computer , transferred some money from coinbin and all looked fine. The issue iv had is i wanted to use bisq on my laptop so its easier on the go, I tried to restore wallet from seed words and it gave me a new btc address with 0 btc in it. So i thought ok ill just transfer it from my btc address in my wallet on the desktop computer to the btc address on my copy of bisq on my laptop. I did the transfer and in the transactions tab it says recieved with (the desktops btc address) and recieved funds, but the available balance on my laptop still shows 0 and the balance on my desktop where i sent it from shows i have the bitcoin there. Very confused if anyone can shed any light would be greatly appreciated.

You speak about “my copy of bisq on my laptop”.
How did you realize this “copy” ?

You may have a look at this recent thread : "Add" new computer

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I’d also recommend doing This.
Though from what I understand, pdub121 tried to send the money from one Bisq instance’s wallet to the wallet of the other Bisq instance in a Bitcoin transaction. Probably it’s just not confirmed yet.
@pdub121 you probably just have to wait for confirmations if you did a BTC transfer, depending on how much fee you put in.

Hi thanks for the reply. So in the end i transferring the BTC back to my wallet with the intention of transferring it to my bisq account on my laptop and deleting the bisq account off my desktop computer. I sent the btc to my coinbin wallet and its not showing in my wallet. Iv not had a great experience so far

Do you understand the basics on how bitcoin, wallets and Bisq work?
I recommend „Mastering Bitcoin“ by Andreas Antonopoulos.

You should check with a block explorer where your bitcoins are now.
Bitaps is a good one.

Then we can figure out how to retrieve them.


thats the transaction id. its not showing. Can anyone please help me retrieve my coins back?

Did you check all your wallets addresses with a block explorer as alexej asked you ?
What does it say for each address ?
good explorer =

Hi i just checked the bisq app in the recieve funds tab and i have a few btc addresses in there, i dont know why i have 4 iv only used one. i just checked them and one of them seems to have the funds in:

could someone explain to me how to send this btc to the address on my laptop 13mTZCcFCE7SxQtQtcwKVYKWRT7EDLsXZV , because on the bisq app its not showing an available balance

this is what i can see, hopefully it will be easier to help me with the screenshot. appreciate the help

heres the other screen i see, the bottom address it the address with the coin

If block explorer shows all your missing bitcoins in that address, then your funds never left your wallet.

You should be able to retrieve your coins with cmd+e, an emergency wallet tool, if that doesn’t quite work, you can also try deleting the SPV chain file in Settings.

Sorry can you explain in lamens terms, i can press CMD+E in bisq? and if that doesn’t work , whats an SPV chain and how do i delete it in the settings? Appreciate the help

Yes, press cmd button and e at the same time.

There is a button in Settings->Network info that says “Delete SPV file and resync”, you just need to click it and your Bisq client will forget balances of your bitcoin addresses and resync with the Bitcoin network to try and determine them again.

Thanks! Delete DPV and Resync got my funds back,