Moving from locabitcoin to Bisq.. Advice

Hi I am a seasoned trader but have always stuck to LBC with 10,000+ trades pro trader 100% feedback I have decided to leave due to a dispute being dealt to a buyer whilst I was asleep with no proof and 0 previous trades. I’d appreciate a quick walk through guide on beginning trade here I will be sure to return the favour once up and running Cj

You could watch this short tutorial first, if you wish.

It is very simple to use Bisq. When you install the client you just need to go to the accounts on the top right and make as many accounts as you want. Each account trades with only one currency(some altcoin or some fiat national currency) and they always have BTC on the other end (you can change this in the settings to have one of the other crypto as base currency like Litecoin or Dash).

Once you have an account, you can take one of the offers you see on the main screen or create a new offer. You will need some BTC for any Bisq trade( 0.03 BTC). That BTC is used as a security deposit in case a trader doesn’t follow the protocol.

Everything else should be pretty intuitive :slight_smile:

Welcome to Bisq! :smiley:

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