Much love to everyone really happy to become a member of this family

thank you for welcoming me here , I am pretty new to all of this. I have set up a national currency account and then there was an altcoin account and then I was unsure what to do next , in the list there were a lot of coins but I could not find bitcoin alone , it was either bitcoin euros or bitcoin usd etc …

I would like to buy bitcoin mainly but also other altcoins

thank you so much for your assistance

scouser tommy

Welcome to Bisq! :slight_smile:
Every trade in Bisq involves Bitcoin on one end, unless you set a different base currency in settings.
When you setup an altcoin account you are setting up to buy or sell Bitcoin with/for altcoins.
Same is for national currency.

thank you very much for answering me , on bittrex for example to deposit bitcoin you click on btc and you get an address where you send bitcoin, now when I get to set up an altcoin account , there is a long list of altcoins to choose , and this is my question , in my case since I am in Europe should I choose bitcoin euro ? the national currency account I set is in euro.

and then when it comes to buying bitcoin from the members , is the payment working via sepa bank transfer please ?

are there limits of how much bitcoin can be bought per day or month etc… ? just asking because on most sites it is usually how it works so I am trying to inform myself as much as possible before I purchase my first bitcoin on bisq , my first move.

thank you so much for your kindness and patience.


Well Bisq is very different. It is a decentralized exchange. It is an open source project.

Yes, you can set Euro and use a SEPA transfer for your trades, it is the most popular option for trading with Euros in Bisq and Euros are the most popular national currency in Bisq as well. You only setup Euro for the national currency account, for the altcoin you just choose the altcoin and on the other side will be BTC, like in every other trade in Bisq.

There are no limits placed by Bisq on how frequently you trade. Bisq cares about privacy and you can always make a new account with a click of a button, so it wouldn’t make sense to implement a limit even if devs wanted to. You can have as many accounts and trades as you want. Trades themselves have the limits for security reasons, but you can always make more of them and the limits are quite high and people generally don’t trade such amounts anyway.