Multiple list items of the same offer

Couple of days ago I wanted to place an offer to sell btc. Bitsquare client (v0.4.9.8) wasn’t able to successfully process my offer on the final step “Confirm offer to sell bitcoin” dialog. Instead an error dialog appeared (which I do not have a screenshot of). From the top of my head I do not remember the error message, but the dialog had buttons to raise a bug, mail to manfred or cancel the thing.
I chose cancel. Then tried again. I did that four times until I gave up. To my surprise, I ended up with four identical offers (identical ID, different time stamps though). Between those tries, there was no indication that the offer had already been placed (under the hood and in contrast to the error message). Only some time later they appeared in my portfolio.

Can u send me the log file (in the app data directory)?
Please remove all offers if u still have them, there is something broken with them.