Multiple SEPA accounts, but cannot choose, when buying!



I have two SEPA accounts saved in my bisq-tool.
Both of them are from the same bank and the age when I added them in bisq is the same as well. So when I want to buy BTC with SEPA I get this message:

But when I click OK(Schliessen) the area, where I can choose which SEPA account to use for the transaction is greayed out and I cannot choose between my both accounts

It used to be blackish color and I could easily chose between the both SEPA Accounts I have. I didn’t change anything but suddenly it just chooses the Account for me and I cannot change anything.

Can anybody help? I have now idea how this could’ve happened. Both Accounts are 50 days old and the offer is low enough that I don’t have to have a “60-day” account.



It looks like it could be a bug.
I suggest you open an issue concerning this point on


If restarting your PC doesn’t work, you can look in the log file for any lines containing “ERROR” and post them here.


Can you tell me where i can find the log-file?
I am not a very techy person. Thank you!


From the Bisq app, go to > Account > Backup > Open Log File.


Thank you!

What kind of ERROR should I be looking for? The file has over 60000 lines and there are several 100s of errors


So i jsut tried to start a news trade and copied the last lines from the log file:

Jan.-16 18:34:21.229 [JavaFX Application Thread] ERROR b.c.o.a.OfferAvailabilityProtocol: AckMessage for OfferAvailabilityResponse failed. AckMessage=AckMessage{
} NetworkEnvelope{
}, makersNodeAddress=3f5dkp4qzw64k5at.onion:9999,   errorMessage=We did not send the EncryptedMessage because the peer does not support the capability.
Jan.-16 18:34:21.377 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO b.c.o.OpenOfferManager: Received AckMessage for OfferAvailabilityRequest with offerId 122111-45420988-afc6-41c5-9b90-cb4fa09dce53-093 and uid 54288c99-c5a0-48c2-bcee-eae20ce4099f 
Jan.-16 18:34:30.731 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO  b.n.p.p.PeerManager: We have 10 connections open. Our limit is 12 
Jan.-16 18:34:45.243 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO  b.c.p.p.PriceFeedService: request from provider http://5bmpx76qllutpcyp.onion/ 64.089 sec. after last request 
Jan.-16 18:34:46.354 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO  b.c.p.p.PriceFeedService: Received new MarketPrice(currencyCode=EUR, price=3176.23, timestampSec=1547660073890, isExternallyProvidedPrice=true) from provider http://ceaanhbvluug4we6.onion/ after 1.111 sec.