Multiple SEPA accounts, but cannot choose, when buying!


I have two SEPA accounts saved in my bisq-tool.
Both of them are from the same bank and the age when I added them in bisq is the same as well. So when I want to buy BTC with SEPA I get this message:

But when I click OK(Schliessen) the area, where I can choose which SEPA account to use for the transaction is greayed out and I cannot choose between my both accounts

It used to be blackish color and I could easily chose between the both SEPA Accounts I have. I didn’t change anything but suddenly it just chooses the Account for me and I cannot change anything.

Can anybody help? I have now idea how this could’ve happened. Both Accounts are 50 days old and the offer is low enough that I don’t have to have a “60-day” account.


It looks like it could be a bug.
I suggest you open an issue concerning this point on

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If restarting your PC doesn’t work, you can look in the log file for any lines containing “ERROR” and post them here.

Can you tell me where i can find the log-file?
I am not a very techy person. Thank you!

From the Bisq app, go to > Account > Backup > Open Log File.

Thank you!

What kind of ERROR should I be looking for? The file has over 60000 lines and there are several 100s of errors

So i jsut tried to start a news trade and copied the last lines from the log file:

Jan.-16 18:34:21.229 [JavaFX Application Thread] ERROR b.c.o.a.OfferAvailabilityProtocol: AckMessage for OfferAvailabilityResponse failed. AckMessage=AckMessage{
} NetworkEnvelope{
}, makersNodeAddress=3f5dkp4qzw64k5at.onion:9999,   errorMessage=We did not send the EncryptedMessage because the peer does not support the capability.
Jan.-16 18:34:21.377 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO b.c.o.OpenOfferManager: Received AckMessage for OfferAvailabilityRequest with offerId 122111-45420988-afc6-41c5-9b90-cb4fa09dce53-093 and uid 54288c99-c5a0-48c2-bcee-eae20ce4099f 
Jan.-16 18:34:30.731 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO  b.n.p.p.PeerManager: We have 10 connections open. Our limit is 12 
Jan.-16 18:34:45.243 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO  b.c.p.p.PriceFeedService: request from provider http://5bmpx76qllutpcyp.onion/ 64.089 sec. after last request 
Jan.-16 18:34:46.354 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO  b.c.p.p.PriceFeedService: Received new MarketPrice(currencyCode=EUR, price=3176.23, timestampSec=1547660073890, isExternallyProvidedPrice=true) from provider http://ceaanhbvluug4we6.onion/ after 1.111 sec.