My bank blocks payment to seller (SEPA, resolved)

When trying to pay the btc seller, after entering his account number and trying to proceed, an error message is displayed:

Dear Client, the operation you are performing has been evaluated as very risky by our systems and it cannot be performed in order to eliminate fraudulent operations. Please check, if the address you use to login to Internet banking is correct (, check security of your computer, or call the Kontakt service.

And now the bank as even blocked my access to internet banking. The bank is Slovak VUB, member of Intesa group. I tried a test payment of 1 cent from another bank (Slovak mBank) to the same recipient, and no problem.

I resolved it with the seller, so I just want to inform people about this fraud protection or censorship or what it is…

I did not do anything suspicious, connecting to bank from my home (abroad, but I connected from there many times, have done payments for bisq), not connecting by Tor, although running a Tor relay. Using SMS for 2FA.

(writing this from a throwaway account)

When trying to use a different account, is better to involve the mediator as a witness. You can open mediation before trading period expires with Ctrl+O.