My Cash App TX seems to be 'stuck' on step 1

Hello, i was testing out the Cash App payment processes but unfortunately I’ve been stuck on step 1 all night. When i look at the block explorer no TXs are found.

Can you post the fee txs and deposit tx? A screenshot might be useful as well.

Maker fee: 5120f5ebdec110810bcac41d7e55dc45d9aa7cdc232540a8ceff9e066525413d
Taker fee: 722d5b1b235d36baed0b8126abc6d369f0371c8bf700227808515398b43f8458
Deposit transaction id: 49d7e355fc216befdb8d6707ddf043cc9d8bd7efec445bd38158a1679e2ac4b0

I won’t be showing anything important if i screenshot the “dispute details”, right?

Yes, the taker fee and deposit tx don’t exist on the network, so the trade didn’t successfully start for some reason.

Try deleting the SPV chain file in Settings and restarting the app twice. Then you can try using emergency wallet tool by pressing cmd+e to move your funds.

The taker fee is not valid. Are you the taker or offer maker?

This helped, thanks