My deposit did not ended in my Bisq Wallet

After a trade, I had to choose where my deposit should go and I chose Bisq wallet. Now I can not see any trace of that amount in history, transactions list, and my Bisq wallet balance has not changed.
Please advise.

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By tracing the TXD:s on my destination wallet I confirmed that the deposit was arrived in my wallet. So the bug is in Bisq that still shows that the deposit is ready for transaction and ask if you want it to send it to external or Bisq wallet.

I forgot to write in my opening post that a few days before I asked Bisq to send the deposit to my external wallet. But since Bisq still showing the deposit in the list I did not check for that.

Hi @emwamin thanks for the post.

The wording is not very clear at the moment as the funds are already in the wallet when it asks this question.

Here is a recent discussion about the issue and a plan to fix it: Eliminate the "Keep funds in bisq wallet" and "Move funds to External Wallet" button · Discussion #5410 · bisq-network/bisq · GitHub