My feedback to the mediation/arbitration process

I don’t know if it is only missing in the german green introduction bubble to the mediation chat or if is in general missing, but the information to give the mediator the TradeID would be kind of nice to have in the introduction. So you don’t lose time with that and I personally would say the green introduction bubble to the mediation process should be in english regardless of the language setting for the app. So the user doesn’t get drawn into writing stuff in his own language, which would again maybe be only wasted time if no mediator speaks the language.

If you want to give everyone support in his native language, then I would not include languages as app language until you have at least 3-4 mediators for the language. In the first moment I am now kind of drawn to offer my help in german and croatian for the case you want to give everyone support in the native language, but I would personally advice to just keep it in english.

I love the product and felt like I have to at least give my impression, even though I didn’t follow the development at all and don’t know if this is already discussed a lot.

Thanks for your work to the whole Bisq Team.