My first impressions and ideas (newbie)


i am person who wants to trade like 2 times monthly. My current exchange providers are eating around 13 minutes time for one exchange.

I exchange BTC/Perfectmoney with like 2% fee, amounts like $200

I see currently Bitsquare min.fee seems to be like 1-2% of the exchanged amount. It is OK.

ISSUES i see in Bitsquare (i may be wrong in my assumptions as i am noob):

  • I think that placing trade should be very fast. Security deposit is ruining this as i need to login my online wallet and send money (2 minutes time), i think there should be some other system which would allow placing offer more quickly. Personaly i would like to see the system that is not based on slow offers, but some kind of market where you insert coins for sale and system will automaticaly process it and just notify me when output coins were sent and confirmed to my wallet of choice.

  • i would like to see the fees being automatically recalculated and visible for me right on the “Create Offer” page as i am filling the form. Also visible in $ not just BTC so i can quicky realise how much it will cost.

  • hard for newbie to decide if he/she should trust this exchange system/arbitrators, i think. There are videos, but it takes time to go thru that.