My First Trade

Hi all, I opened a new trade to buy BTC with USD and this it what I see…

When I look up the transaction id outside of tradeblock, it doesnt seem to exist… Any advice?

Welcome @beastty,

I can’t tell much from the screenshot.

Did you fund the trade from an external wallet?

Edit: I just saw that your post is from 4h ago. Chances are that the tx confirmed. If so, please ignore my comment.

block explorers dont show all transactions as long they are not confirmed. once it is confirmed u must see it.

Still not confirmed, does the seller have to initiate the trade?

I’m confused, what am I waiting for?

if the deposit tx is not confirmed yet it is probably because either one has funded the wallet with a low tx fee of there have been more then 3 inputs for the deposit tx causing a larger size and with the currently fixed fee a smaller fee/size. it will be fixed in the next version when we use dynamic fees. atm u only can wait. if the trade period expires you can choose to not open a dispute but wait longer and continue the trade as soon the deposit gets confirmed. if a dispute gets open you will not lose your security deposit as it was not your fault. if both agree you even can continue the trade then…

I tried to put the tx id in viabtc’s accelerator and it isnt recognized. Shouldnt it be available to the network?

can u PM me the trade ID and tx ID?

I dont see where I can pm

Click on Manfred’s name in his reply above and it should go to his profile on the forum, there just click on the message button in the top right of the page. You can also click on your avatar in the top right and click on the message icon, and start a new message.

u can also send me an email (see at webpage contact manfred@…)