My Mistake

I just initiated a buy but when a window popped up to initiate payment I assumed that bit square was connect to my venmo account and indicated that I made payment. Instantly I realize that I probably needed to do that externally. I can’t seem to go back and fix my error. What should I do?

As I understand, you clicked that you started the payment in BIsq before sending the actual payment in Venmo.
It might be the simplest solution to just send the funds now if this is the case and wait patiently. Alternatively you can always open a dispute with alt+o and explain the issue to the arbitrator.

I would like to send the funds now but I can’t see who to send them to.

Click on trade ID there you see the details of the peers bank account

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Click the Details button in your open trade. You’ll be able to see your counterparty’s venmo information there.

Thank you! This answer allowed me to complete the transaction!

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… clicking on the trade ID worked!