My MultiSig payout isn't getting broadcasted, hangs at 0 confirmations

Hi everyone,

I will be really grateful if I could get some help with my problem :frowning:

I bought 0.5 BTC and everything but the last step went fine. The BTC seller confirmed that he received my EUR and the Bitsquare software shows the trade as completed.

All transactions got confirmed except the MultiSig payout of the BTC I should receive:

2016-07-13 19:43:43 My security deposit I had to pay got confirmed → +0.0107 BTC
Transaction: 16b6585119e8b1673a07061eb6c2801eb4cd5574691718a94f473dcb6271b331
(No link, because I cannot post more than 2 links as I’m new to the forum)

2016-07-13 19:44:55 Create offer fee: Trade ID 97997976 → got confirmed → -0.0005 BTC
Transaction: 4031e64034e14cb8dc828e2f35da78b8785c21e94e236ef201bb38e67a406fb7

2016-07-14 11:56:09 My offer got accepted by another trader → MultiSig deposit for Trade ID 97997976 executed → -0.0102
BTC address: 3GBH4JrSd5yMkktQsT6GDXRF12VngQqF6w

2016-07-15 19:29:40 MultiSig payout: Trade ID 97997976: 0.51 to my BTC address is shown in Bitsquare software with the transaction ID: 76a58c587346ee7f563f302632fb198f604876d8aafdba067cc4a87d3fc000ba
But this transaction is seen by 0 peers and has 0 confirmations for hours now, so it doesn’t exist in the blockchain.
“My” 0.51 BTC still sit at 3GBH4JrSd5yMkktQsT6GDXRF12VngQqF6w :worried:

So till yet the BTC didn’t arrive at my BTC address 14rRt3RkRBFqLws592ecNsukFgA2zvoJxN
Strange enough the Bitsquare software shows my the 0.51 at 14rRt3RkRBFqLws592ecNsukFgA2zvoJxN as available for withdrawal.

The arbitrator of the trade was / is pkfcmj42c6es6tjt.onion

I’m using Bitsquare on Linux Debian 8.

Screenshot of the trade in my Bitsquare software:

It seems that you had bad connection to the BTC network (just 1 peer, usually it should be about 12). So for some reason your payout tx did not get published.
Have you tried to restart the app already? You should see more btc network peers, otherwise you might have some firewall restrictions or other connectivity issues. Once u seen more then 5 peers the app should re-broadcast the tx. If not the easiest solution is that you open a dispute (cmd+o or ctrl+o) when the trade is selected and then the arbitrator can do the payout. But if you are the buyer you need to have again good connectivity, otherwise we might run into the same issue as you will broadcast the payout tx which will be then signed by the arbitrator instead of the other user.
Ping me by email if you have further issues (email u find on the contact page on the webpage).


wow, thanks a lot for your answer. That really seems to have been the problem.

The just 1 peer was because the Bitsquare software directly connected to my locally running Bitcoin XT 0.11.0F, which I think is the expected behavior? I like it how it directly connects to my local Bitcoin. In Bitsquare this looks like this:

After I stopped my local Bitcoin XT and restarted Bitsquare it, it connected to other peers and the MultiSig payout transaction got broadcasted and now I got the confirmations :slight_smile:

If I start the local Bitcoin XT only after I started the Bitsquare software then Bitsquare keeps beeing connected to other peers as well.

Interestingly the other transactions from the same trade did work while I was only connected to my local Bitcoin client.

Now I don’t need it anymore, but for your info I seem not to be able to open a dispute for a closed trade which is shown in the “History” tab, nor with cmd+o or with ctrl+o.

Keep up the good work! Bitsquare is very important and already very nice.

I just realized that, now after 2-3 h of running, Bitsquare lost its connection to the local Bitcoin XT. But Bitcoin XT is still running and was running all the time.

Now the Bitsquare software is only connected to:

Ah interesting. It should work basically with a local node. Maybe XT has some issues.
Thanks for your feedback!

I know this is an old thread.
I wanted to add that this reproduced today with Bitsquare 4.9.9 while my local Bitcoin node was still synchronizing and was 2 years behind.
In addition Bitsquare very rapidly (approx 2 minutes) allocated 20GB of memory and even started swaping.

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Suddenly, I got the transactions confirmed with 36+ confirmations this morning! Thus, everything should be fine!

However, one question still stays to me. I feel that I made a mistake by sending BTC while I didn’t have them confirmed. Thus, did I do something wrong by sending BTC out of the payout address while the payout had no confirmations? I was in a hurry and I didn’t pay attention for that last transaction, also I saw BTC as available and it was possible to use the address in order to send BTC. Hence, If this was wrong, how bad it could go and why was possible?