My offer does not appear among the available offers list

I can see my open sell offer when checking the “Market” graph, as well as in my “Portfolio”.
When I click “Buy BTC” I don’t see it within the Available offers list.
Does the UI hide my own offers?


OK. Just found the option to “show my own offers in offer book”.
I guess the default should have been yes.

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Yes will change the default value. Some people told me for them its more logical that the own offers are not displayed but I agree to your view.

I am experiencing the same difficulty and I have the “show my own offers in offer book” selected.

Why aren’t my “buy offers” showing up in the BTC buy listing?

The show up in the sell BTC listing because your buy offer is interesting for those who want to sell BTC.

ok. so I am confused. How come I see a listing in the Buy BTC listing that indicates the buyer wnats to buy BTC for Canadian dollars…? Shouldn’t my offer to Buy BTC for Canadian dollars be there as well?

It always goes from the user perspective: If a user wants to buy BTC he looks at the buy screen. If you wants to sell BTC and creates an offer it will be listed under the buy screen so the potential buyer can see it. You sell offer is interesting for the buyer. It is always mirrored as both traders have the opposite interest (buy/sell).

hhhmm… Okay, to make sure i understand you correctly… lets take the real situation right now. In the buy BTC listing screen there is an individual that has listed an offer. The header of the last column says “I want to” and below it the on the offer line it states “Buy BTC”. so my question is who is the “I”. in otherword, is the “I” the publisher of the offer? or is it me? So if I catual want to buy BTC for Canadian funds should I be clicking on the “Buy BTC” button and move forward with the trade? (provided I accept his price of course)

The “I” is referring to you, as you are the one reading it.
Yes, you just need to press “Buy BTC” to buy bitcoins. It is always referring to the one reading it.
Publishers don’t need to look at other offers usually so the whole screen isn’t really for them it is for takers, such as you.

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Sorry to bother you again with this, but I want to be sure of my understanding. So right now in the “SELL BTC” screen there is an offer. In the last column under the " I want to" there is a button that says “Sell BTC”. If I click on it am I agreeing to buy this publisher’s BTC or am I agreeing to sell BTC to this publisher?

You will be selling btc to the other peer. But you are given a couple of screens/chances to confirm this and can back out. It should be rather obvious, hopefully.