My Offer to Buy BTC with fiat, but seller bank details has no name, do I pay?

My trade offer to Buy BTC with fiat was met with an error sometime during the night,

Other trader is banned by their node address
The trade contract is not set.
The trade contract is not completed and you might have lost your trade fee.

Puzzled, unsure what to do, I began to read forum posts.

Meanwhile, My Open Offer for this trade, appeared to still be open on the market, as a short while later, a different BTC seller opened the trade offer.

On blockchain confirmation, I’m presented with the familiar payment details with Faster Payments, but while the seller’s bank details do correspond to a legitimate bank, the seller’s bank details has no name

I opened a chat window with peer, but even this is slightly skewed, as the messages I send to the new trader, appear in the corrupted trade’s chat instead. I sent a message anyway, tried to confirm their ‘noname’ bank details by sending a v small bank fast payments test payment with a random amount of pence, and asked the BTC seller to confirm the exact amount. The seller ignored and instead replied with a generic, ‘Hello. You can send payment now.’

What should I do? I have conducted several succesful purchases of BTC for GBP thus far. Should I still pay full amount to this seller’s ‘noname’ account, or should I withdraw from the transaction?

The transaction is still live at this point, so quick responses here greatly appreciated.



Successfully resolved, the trade completed.

Seller communicated in the chat, gave a name which the banking app correlated to their account details.

I’m curious to know if my actions, as somewhat of a beginner to Bisq exchanges and peer to peer currency conversion generally, were an unnecessary step or not? Thanks

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Faster payment accounts with no name are legacy accounts from previous versions were names were not required.

Best thing to do is reach out to traders in chat and ask them for their name.

I think traders with no names should be proactive and reach out first as they should be aware this might be an issue. Most do.

Sounds like you handled it well.

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