My orders do not appear in Bisq's orderbook


My orders do not appear in Bisq’s orderbook.

Order ID “offer_id”:“VLBFCMYW-b727025d-a3e3-4dcd-a826-386321bba87a-112”

Please, help-me.

Can you check if your Make offer transaction has any confirmation? You can check it under Funds > Transactions ( Fundos > Transações). Also try to restart the Bisq application.

Hello huey,
offer transaction is confirmed in Funds > Transactions. Restart bisq application several times. You still have the same problem. has general issues those last 2 days.

Maybe your issue is simply part of this general problem.

The maintainer is notified about those issues.

Anyway, people who trade do it from the application.
And the important point is that you offer is seeable inside the application.