N26/Moneybeam wrong account info to verify payment

Hey all,

If you sell BTC via N26 (Moneybeam) you can see (as always) the account details of your trading partner. The account details are the Name of the payer (which is fine) and either the phone number or the e-mail address. If you receive the payment and you want to verify the payment in the N26 app, it shows the name and the payers IBAN (DE… because it’s a German service) but not the e-mail address or the phone number.

Do you think that this is a security issue? I mean, it is highly unlikely that you receive the payment by someone with the same name but you can’t double check (name + IBAN) as you can for any other payment. Maybe it would make sense to provide the IBAN in your N26 account too?

What are your thoughts on that?

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