National Bank Transfer as Buyer Unable to Send Funds Due to Sellers Bank Not accepting Wire Transfers

I had an offer up to buy btc using “national bank transfer” and someone accepted it. Then, I called my bank and did a wire transfer to the sellers bank. Thought all was well, but then about 10 minutes later I get a call back. They said that they are having problems because it is a prepaid bank account I am trying to send money into and the info I gave them was wrong.

What is a prepaid bank account? My bank didn’t even seem to know. (This is my first transaction on bisq and I don’t know what a prepaid bank account is but it sent an alarm bell off.)

They gave me a phone number to call for help. I looked the number up on duckduckgo first and it leads to a website called So, I tried calling the number but they are closed still because they are located in cali. They open soon. Waiting to call back.

I should be ok sending the cash still, right? That is if I can even send the money pending my phone call to this movo company.

Any insight on this would be appreciated. What happens if I end up not being able to send the payment?

Just called and they said that they don’t accept wires. So now what happens here because I can’t make the payment?

Hey, i’m looking into this jam.sesh.

Since you cannot make the payment to the agreed upon payment method then this may have to go through a mediator.

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Thanks for the help. It’s all taken care of and it went smooth. It was my first transaction on bisq so it got me to reading up on many topics in here and I’ve learned a lot out of it. I’ve also just recently done a transaction that took like a minute through zelle, it was awesome! I’m just going to use that route from now on.

Glad to hear that it all worked out! Drop by if anything else comes up :slight_smile: