National Bank Transfer offer missing info

I accepted a BTC seller’s offer to sell BTC with a " national bank transfer"
He has his routing #, bank name, recipient name, etc
However he didn’t list any location info, such as address or zip code

all options I’m looking through either my bank or an online app require at least the zip

How do I get this info from him/resolve this?

If it is really not possible for you to realize the payment,
I think the only way is to open a dispute and explain the case to your arbitrator.

I’m a bit surprised that your bank requires the location or the zipcode to make a transfer ?
The bank name + ID + IBAN is normally sufficient.

At the E-Banking website of my bank a ZIP code is also required for SEPA payments.

I usually fill in the ZIP code of the receiver’s bank which is automatically available after filling in the IBAN number.

Worked without any problems so far.

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I just used the zipcode to the actual bank office or institute I found on a search engine.

I’m probab overlooking it, just didnt want the seller to be denied the payment over something as small as a wrong zipcode.

Thanks all