National bank transfer. Wire or cash?

So I buy BTC with the seller method of payment as national bank transfer. I’m at the step of “start payment” now. With national bank transfer, do I do an electronic transfer directly to his bank using his account# and routing#? Or do I just go to his bank and deposit cash into the account? I have asked the seller in the chat box but hasn’t heard a respond.


National bank transfer, as opposed to SEPA, uses a traditional bank-to-bank wire transfer, where you obtain the complete bank account coordinates and use those to initiated a transfer.
While SEPA works “faster and cheaper”, the standard wire transfer might be more expensive, but you can still use your home banking to send the payment with the data you have of the recipient’s account.

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Or do I just go to his bank and deposit cash into the account?

That’s a “cash deposit” payment method.

Hi…so I did a ACH bank to bank transfer on 12/17. My bank this morning confirmed the transfer was completed. There is about 19 hours left in the trade. What will happen when the seller don’t confirm the payment when the trade windows expire?

You will be offered to open mediation (you don’t have to open it if your peer gives a convincing reason to not have released the BTC) and tell the mediator that the payment has been made.
They will probably ask you for some proof of payment and ask BTC seller if he has received the transfer.

So I accepted the mediator’s suggestion. What’s next? The lock time is January 6th. Do I wait until January 6 to receive the payout?

In mediation, both buyer and seller need to accept mediator’s suggestion. If your peer doesn’t accept mediation you’ll be able to open arbitration on January 6th.

Might be worth looking to add the new payment methods.

For USD you can now add both:


This should give you more control over the payment you make / receive.