NavCoin Soft Fork

Is this the right place to update the bisq dev team about important blockchain updates? This notification is about the first of two upcoming soft fork proposals to get the community fund activated.

Here’s the info:

The NavCoin Core team are putting forward a community endorsed soft fork to the NavCoin consensus mechanism. This will reduce the staking reward from 5% to 4% annually and begin the accumulation of 0.25 NAV per block to the NavCoin Community Fund.

The soft fork will lock in when 75% of staking nodes have updated to the latest version (4.2.0) of the software.

The PR into the master branch can be viewed here:

There is a release candidate available for testing here:

We are looking to deploy this version to the public sometime within the next two weeks. It will then take at least 2 periods (approximately 10 days) to achieve lock in and another period to activate.

At the time of activation, you nodes may lose connectivity to the network if you have not updated.

Please contact us here if you have any questions. Any comments on the PR should be made through GitHub directly.


NavCoin Core Developer