Need help! Can't complete trade, but had to restore Bisq and can't chat or see trade

Bisq wouldn’t start after incorrect shutdown. Long story short, I copied a backup and got it working.
However my open trade isn’t there. Furthermore, there’s a bigger issue. My Zelle won’t be able to accept payment for the bitcoin. The buyer was using chat, but I can’t talk to him now or agree to stop the payment. I just want to make sure the buyer and myself can get our bitcoin back that is in holding. How can I restore the open trade? Thank you.

The backup you used did not have data from a newer trade, that’s why you can’t find it. The way to recover this trade would be to use a more recent backup, made after this trade started.
To keep with this trade without the data, you need to give us metadata at Keybase, like how many USD were you trading, if you were buyer-seller/maker,taker, your onion address etc. This way the mediators will know who is the other part when your peer opens mediation.
Share this info at Keybase through DM to support agents or a mediator.

How do I find a mediator to the trade if I cannot click on the failed trade?

Your counterparty should open mediation since you are not responding. With the metadata of the trade we can chat outside of the normal Bisq mediation to solve your issue and proceed with a payout with your signature.

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