Need help. Data directory was lost. No way to complete a pending trade. Please help

The other day I had computer issue that resulted in the loss of my Bisq data folder.

Problem 1:

The main problem is that I had one pending SELL trade, a Money-order-by-mail trade, that I no longer have any access to. I received payment for the trade this morning in the mail but I have no way of accessing the trade in order to release the BTC to the buyer, no way to contact them, etc, however I do still have the trade ID and I’m hoping that an arbitrator can use this ID to release the BTC to the buyer.

The trade ID is: 99481
The trade amount is: 951.00

Is there anything I can do? I assume that in the worst case scenario the buyer will eventually open his own support ticket when enough time has passed and since I no longer have that trade in my client they would not be able to contact me and eventually get the BTC released to them but I would like to hopefully avoid all that hardship for them.

Is it possible to find the arbitrator associated to this trade? If so, are they able to affect the trade before a dispute is initiated? Jeez, what a mess!

Problem 2:

Before I lost the data folder I know that I had more than .2 BTC in my Bisq wallet. When I open bisq on my other machine, which has a slightly older data folder from before the trade in question, I no longer see my current balance. This surprised me because I thought that all of my funds would be safe since they are kept in addresses that belong to my wallet, which I still have access to…

Is there some way to force my Bisq client to search all of the related addresses in my wallet to get all of the more recent transactions and restore my balance?

I really hope someone can help. And thank you!

Problem 1 I don’t know how it works in the background to give you any idea.

For Problem 2: If you have written down the seed words of your wallet, you can restore the wallet from those seed words and move the BTC out.

Thanks for the quick response. I do have the seed words and will try that right away… so that’s a relief. I really hope I can figure out how to fix the main problem though… I hate the thought of someone thinking I am trying to rip them off. I wish Bisq would allow for some way to include an email address or… something… any way to contact trade partners. Thanks again!

Does this Bisq account on this other machine have the same onion address than the Bisq account on the failed machine ?

I assume it should… it is my original Bisq computer… I copied its data folder over to the new one a couple weeks ago and had been using that one until this just happened. Basically, the folder that was lost was copied originally from this one… does that make sense?

yes. This seems ok.

Do you know or remember the onion address of the concerned arbitrator for the trade ?

Yes, sorry… it is


thats MY onion address… are you asking for the onion address of the arbitrator? i no longer have the trade info so I dont know

yes, I was asking for the onion address of the concerned arbitrator.
But if you don’t have it, we’ll do without atm.

I dont know how an arbitrators interface with the network looks… but I was hoping that the arbitrators would have a list of trades they are associated to … so maybe if I gave the ID theyd be able to look at their trades and say like “that one is mine!”

yes, the arbitrators have something like that.

Concerning the problem2:
I suggest that you do Settings/Resync SPV chain
Be however aware that, if you account is old, this make take some time (some hours) and will eat 100% of the CPU.
After the resync, your balance should be ok.

If that doesn’t work:
You can try to use the emergency wallet tool with cmd+e or (ctrl-e depending on your OS)
You can also export your private keys.

But I would proceed with a resync at first.

Excellent, thank you. I will try that now.

Ok so, restoring my wallet balance was successful. Thanks for your help with that. As for the bigger problem, is there anything I should be doing to try to get in touch with the arbitrator of my trade? …or should I just keep an eye on this thread? Thanks again

There are only 2 arbitrators atm.
So we’ll ping them when your trade will fail in arbitration.
Do you know approximately when your trade should end ?

@keo and @arbitrator1 are the arbitrators (afaik) maybe they can help.

but i doubt they can do anything unless the other trading party has raised a dispute.

Do you know approximately when your trade should end ?

Not really sure… I think it probably still has a few days left. The buyer sent his payment registered mail so he will know that I’ve already received payment today and so will probably start suspecting something before that… which sucks. I know that feeling they will get when they start thinking theyre getting ripped off… sucks.

I dont have a case yet with that trade ID. Maybe it will open in a few days or @keo gets the case.

So then there is nothing you can do before the buyer gets frustrated from waiting and starts a dispute themselves? Man that sucks.

Can I ask that whichever of you handles the case, can you please link them to this forum thread so they will understand what happened? I hate to think I have caused a person to not trust Bisq… or me for that matter.

I am sure they will understand that it wasn’t on purpose when they open a dispute and get in touch with the arbitrator.

We have a nice community, it is very likely that the other party will understand. :blush:

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I don’t have the case either but will keep my eyes open.

Thanks you guys. I really do appreciate it :+1: