Need help from arbitrator for trade 230238

Need help for trade 230238. Trade went into arbitration due to my trading peer not being able to receive the proposal from mediator. The arbitrator told me he can help after a few days on Nov 27. After a couple of days, the trade was shown as completed but no funds were received. Arbitrator address: xnjz5nq5gifju4zb.onion:9999

I guess you already did that, but you should contact mediator on Keybase Bisq support channel.

I have contacted the mediator on Keybase, but the arbitrator isn’t on Keybase.

It’s been over 3 weeks since this trade has started. I would very much like to get back my locked BTC since I am the BTC buyer sending the XMR. I could only contact the arbitrator through the client, but he has not replied to me on how he would resolve the issue.

But is the trade got into arbitration? If it was completed, it should not go to arbitration. Looks like you’re just having trouble getting your funds into your wallet.
Maybe a SPV resync helps, but before this, try to contact again the mediator because they know more about the technical details.