Need help makeing a bitcoin purchase with the cash deposit method

I have an open trade with someone and Im trying to pay with cash deposit method
I tried going to a local branch of their bank (Bank of America) to make the deposit but there is none within my state of Ohio

I’m not sure what else to do but I’ve also tried:
-A money wire from my bank to theirs but they said i needed their address
-I tried to see if there was a way to send via Moneygram or Western Union but it seems as though the payment can only be picked up at their location (please let me know if thats not the case)

Please help

I may have to send the payment via mail but if thats how you do it I would greatly appreciate someone explaining how to do that for Bank of America

You can open a dispute by cmd+o and tell the arbitrator about the problems and cancel the trade. Sending by mail is not recommended as the arbitrator cannot proof anything in case of a dispute.

tip for future trades, if you hover your mouse on the payment method section of main screen where you see the offer with all the other potential offers, you should be able to see the bank the other party is using over the. This will allow you to see if you can make payments to that bank (hopefully). I cant remember if the bank is also displayed after you hit buy and before you commit to the buy. edit: actually, you can see the bank if you click the blue highlighted payment method as well.

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