Need help to recover open offers and maker fees for delisted asset

I have a number of open offers to buy and sell ZOC, which was delisted as of 0.9.4 for some reason. Need to have those offers canceled and the maker fees returned to me. Thanks!

It likely got delisted due to low volume, if that is the case.

Even though this is not a bug, you can try creating an issue on GitHub and maybe arbitrators return the fee.

There isn’t really a procedure as to what to do with open offers that payed the fee when the pair gets delisted. Since they are delised pretty much always for low volume, it doesn’t provide too much work to do it manually, but maybe there should be in future. I don’t know.

Still need a resolution to this issue. I have a number of open offers in the ZOC market that has been closed. I cannot remove those offers and recover my funds without incurring fees, which obviously isn’t fair since it was not my decision to close the ZOC market.

@deadthings , is the place where you may open an issue to ask for reimbursement of your fees.
Look how other users have properly done and do it the same way.
(You can of course look at closed issues also).

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You already paid the fee when you created the offer. There is nothing for you to lose if you request a reimbursement like Homrad said.

Since it was delisted, there is no reason to keep the offers up, but there is also no cost in doing so either, so you might as well not remove them I guess.