Need help unsticking a withdrawal transaction

I sent a withdrawal transaction over a day ago, and it still has 0 confirmations. Silly me; I got stingy and overrode the mining fee to 10 s/Vb while the miners seem to be only accepting transactions with 14 s/Vb or above.

I would like to increase the mining fee on this transaction. I did some reading, and learned about replace-by-fee. But this option seems to have been disabled by Bisq when it sent the transaction. There seems to be another method which uses double spending with a higher fee, but I don’t have any details about how to do that.

Is there a way to unstick my transaction? Has anyone here used the double spending method? Would you mind stepping me through it?

Otherwise, I think I’ll just have to wait. Hopefully things will settle down this weekend, so the fees can come down.

BTW: The transaction in question is:


What you are talking about is not double spending, which is a forbidden art and will get you imprisoned by the bitcoin gods if they ever find out you are even considering it.
It’s called Child Pays For Parent, CPFP for short, and can be done pretty much by any wallet (Bisq itself does it when you fund a trade deposit from an external wallet).
You spend an unconfirmed transaction by sending that utxo to yourself, at a higher fee, so that the average combined fee of first tx (parent) and second (child) is enough to entice miners, who will be forced to confirm the parent if they want to get to the more economically viable child fee.

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Thanks for the info. :wink:

CPFP would be the way to go, but considering there’s usually less block space demand in weekends I would wait. The backlog is being reduced at a good pace.