Need Help. Zelle Payment To Trader Misplaced. Can I Cancel A Trade?

Hi all,

So I was about to pay for someone’s BTC but they said they haven’t seen the Zelle payment. I sympathize with them and want them to be able to get their btc back if they haven’t received a payment, or to be able to have my payment go through.

Do you know what I can do? Is there a way I can release their btc and cancel my order? Right now it’s stuck because they said they haven’t received payment. I could’ve sworn I sent them the amount but when I went to my bank account/Bisq history I didn’t see the transaction.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Hi. You can start by opening mediation and explaining the situation to the mediator. The mediator can create a payout that will give you back your security deposit and give the btc-seller their security deposit plus trade amount.


Good news! I got the $70 difference yesterday.

However now I’m having a few issues. I SWORE I clicked the button the send the payment via Zelle for one transaction and one buyer has said they’ve never been notified of the payment. They had the nerve to tell me today, “If there’s no history nor confirmation of the $123, then you never sent the zelle payment. Please transfer the funds so I can complete the trade.” I don’t know wtf is going on.

On top of that there’s one btc buyer who point blank has NEVER answered me back when I asked where his huge deposit was for my btc.

Is there anywhere OBVIOUS I can go to open a support ticket? I go in the app to the support section and don’t see any option for opening a support ticket.

Have you tried the Get Support button on the trade information screen (select the open trade in the Open Trades tab of the Portfolio screen)?

For details, see