Need Support Trade Stuck. User Deleted Bisq. Can't request Support

I need help someone took my offer was getting a bug instead of reaching out to me they deleted bisq and reinstalled. This trade is in limbo can’t do nothing someone please help get my btc.

The user under his new account came back and took another one of my offer and told me he deleted bisq and reinstall so doesnt have access to that account anymore so he cant do support either. He didnt pay for that offer now my btc is in limbo. Please help! I tried the get support button on the bottom left it doesnt do anything. it doesnt take me to support

onion address of arbitrator and mediator
exihmfza5343eh7q.onion:9999 / exihmfza5343eh7q.onion:9999

can someone get a hold of them? I don’t know how its possible but i need their help but there is no way in bisq for me to take trade to support because tab doesnt work for me under that trade.

Try opening a dispute with cmd+o.

You can follow your bitcoins on a block explorer and figure out if they are in a multisig or not. If they are at an address starting with 3, it is a multisig and you will need the arbitrator to unlock it for you. Otherwise, you can do it yourself with cmd+e or seed words if cmd+e doesn’t work.

How would I go about doing that? Sorry im not super technical but I can follow instructions appreciate the help.

Have you tried pressing ctrl and o at the same time? Perhaps it is that “windows” button instead of ctrl.

As for block explorer, place your transaction ID for that trade in one of the block explorers like It will tell you to which address it sent the bitcoins, then you can click on the address and see if there are some transactions that happened after that one. It should all be pretty intuitive, but if you give me the transaction ID I could do it for you.